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         Main Features:

           Two 0-25mA ADC inputs for monitoring or control,

                 scalable for user requirement, eg 4-20mA

           Sub-second sampling period.

           Drivers for two external relays and two external LEDs.

           Push button reset for external devices and display selection.

           Provides full functionality of the Modbus RTU Module.

           Scaled ADC values available via the Modbus map.


           Supply Voltage

           Supply Current


           Communication is by 3-wire RS232C, Programmable 1200 to 115200 Baud


           100off Price     - POA

           <View User Guide>

        - 8 to 32Vdc

        - ~110mA at 8Vdc, ~40mA at 24Vdc

        - 78mm x 70mm x 35mm

Monitor/Controller LCD Module